1. What do you know about Thanksgiving? Do you have a similar occasion
    in your country? Will you celebrate Thanksgiving this year?

  2. In many places, there are harvest festivals, and/or special times to
    celebrate how a people have been preserved/delivered out of difficulties.
    Share what you've seen done in other places where you've lived.

  3. What are you thankful for? How do you express gratitude for these

  4. What are some things or people that your country is thankful for? How
    do you celebrate these events?

  5. What are you most thankful for? Why?

  6. Give an example of a time someone was extremely thankful for
    something you had done for them. How did they show it?

  7. What do you know about Halloween? Why and how do we celebrate
    Halloween in Canada? Do you have a festival that is similar in your
    country? Do you know the history behind that celebration. What is it?

  8. What are some other festivals or celebrations that you celebrate in your 
    family? In your country of origin? Why do you have them? What do they
    mean to you? What do they mean to most people?

  9. Are birthdays celebrated where you are originally from? How are they?
    How does this differ from what you see here?

  10. Why does food play such an important role in celebrations?
    Are the 
    foods often symbolic of something? If so, what?
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